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Problem-Based Learning Applied to Medical Education

Howard S. Barrows (2000)

147 pages, paper bound

This book is designed for those medical teachers that either wish to consider problem-based learning as an educational method, have decided on problem-based learning and need guidelines for its design and development, or are involved in a problem-based learning curriculum and want to consider ways for improving their curriculum. The author's prior books, Problem-Based Learning: An Approach to Medical Education co-authored with Robyn Tamblyn (1980) and How to Design a Problem-Based Curriculum for the Preclinical Years (1985) have been used extensively over the years by teachers both in and out of medical education interested in or involved in problem-based learning. Now that more has been learned about problem-based learning through the experience of many additional medical schools that have undertaken the method and from an increasing number of studies related to problem-based learning these books are out-of-date. Changes in this book are also based on the author's continuing work and experience with problem-based learning as a teacher and as an educational consultant. Individual chapters deal with many aspects of problem-based learning such as: objectives, problem and curriculum design, integrating problem-based learning with other learning methods, choosing problems, assessment, applying problem-based learning to clerkships, variables that can alter the effectiveness of problem-based learning, converting to problem-based learning, criteria for analyzing a problem-based learning curriculum and the evaluation of problem-based learning as an instructional method. Although designed primarily for teachers in medical schools, this book offers much of value for teachers in other disciplines.

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